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Video Game Custom - Haven Evil: The Conversion

Video Game Custom

Claire Redfield enters the secret hideout of the Umbrella Corporation.  The mansion looks like it has been used regularly, and was well furnished.  As Claire speaks to someone over the shoulder, we see Chun Li enter the frame.  The two cautiously explore the halls as they head to the main room, the camera following them as they creep closer to the room.

Claire:  “So do you really think Bison is working with Umbrella? How did he find them out?”

Chun:   “Apparently, Bison sought Umbrella to help him work on his psycho drug in exchange for funding.  The newly made X virus does not break down any cells, but turns the victim into a brainwashed super soldier.”

Claire:  “They have to be stopped at all costs.  If that virus is leaked…”

Chun:    “Don’t worry Claire, I won’t rest till I have stopped them.”

The two girls enter the study and there meet a woman waiting for them.  She seems calm, smiling and giggling at her correct presumption that the two would show up.  She stands up and confronts the two women.

Woman:  “HAHAHAHa, you finally showed up.  Hmmmmm, how lucky am I to have two delicious women attend the most wonderful night ever.”

Claire:  “Who the hell are you?”

Woman:  “Why I am one of many and many of one.  I am here to persuade you to join my mentality.”

Chun:   “So, you’re a servant of Umbrella?  Or are you working for Bison?”

Woman:  “One and the same my dear.  You will address them both as you desire to please.”

Chun:  “Screw you, you’re under arrest!”

Chun Li charges at the woman but the woman blocks her every attack.  She pushes Chun Li out of the way with a sharp punch to the gut.  Claire begins to fire upon the woman but the bullets do not find their mark.  The woman dodges the bullets and draws closer to Claire.  She grabs Claire’s throat and shares into her eyes.  Claire can feel herself suddenly being drawn into a trance like state, but before she can fully put Claire under, Chun Li interrupts the woman and lands a punch to the face, making the woman stumble away.  Claire gasps for breathe as Chun Li continues to attack, but the brief window of opportunity has closed as the woman choke lifts Chun Li.  As Chun Li struggles to break free, she flails about and chokes.  But the woman does not want to kill them.  Instead, she waits for Chun Li pass out and gently puts her down on the ground.  The woman walks over to the weakened Claire and brings her over to the middle of the room.
Woman:  “Stop resisting.  It is no use, all of you will eventually see the light.”

Claire:  “What are you talking about?  How could you welcome working for them?!”

Woman:  “Let me show you the joys of being their servants, Claire.”

The woman stares into the eyes of Claire as she holds Claire close.  We suddenly hear a loud pitched sound as the woman emits a sound which begins to creep its way into Claire’s head.  Claire feels the pain of the sound as it tries to take over her.  She struggles as the sound relentlessly assaults her mind.  The woman stares at the struggling Claire with a relaxing and commanding smile.  She coaxes Claire to just let go and forget her old life.  Claire struggles as hard as she can to resist the woman, trying to pull away but not being able to break the hold.  As the sound gets louder, the pain grows more intense.  Claire suddenly begins to relapse into a trance but suddenly breaking out of it again.  This happens for a couple of times until Claire finally relaxes and stares the woman in the eyes, successfully in her power.

The woman releases her and laughs at the hypnotized Claire.  She looks over the beautiful Claire and walks to retrieve an item from a box on the shelf.  She pulls out two long white cigarettes and walks back over to Claire.

Woman:  “How about we celebrate?”

She places the unlit cigarette in Claire’s mouth and steps back.  She orders Claire to strip for her until she is nude but tells her to leave her boots on.  Claire slowly obeys as she starts with her top and strips down until all she is wearing is her boots.  She never takes her eyes off of the woman the entire time and lets the cigarette hang in her mouth.

The woman smiles as she walks over and grabs Claire’s leg and places it to one side of herself.  She snaps her fingers and a stereo across the room turns on, playing Rob Zombie “Superbeast”.  She gets the feeling of Claire’s body as the song begins.  At the time the actual song is beginning to start (0:40), she lights both of their cigarettes up and begins to grind Claire.  As they grind to the music, Claire smokes normally as she is entranced like a dream.  She is responsive but never really emotional.  She opens her mouth but no sound comes, she rolls her eyes as she smiles briefly, and even sways back and forth at points as she moves to the rhythm of the music. The woman helps move her arms and grind her body against each others.  Smoky kisses and smoke blowing in Claire’s face is also there.  As the song nears its end, the grinding gets faster and Claire moves with the woman.  Still having her eyes fixated on the woman’s’, Claire stares blankly as the woman laughs and gets a little more forceful with her grinds.  Once the song ends, the woman stands back and looks at Claire.  

Woman:  “Hmmm, I want a little more fun with you.”

The camera comes in from the side of the room to see Claire and the woman in the master lotus position as Claire moves up and down, front and back, and rotating her hips in a circular motion as she rides the woman.  Claire lights a fresh cigarette and continues to go at it.  Her body moving as if possessed by itself, but her face clearly showing she is in a dream like state.  She moans a little more and continues to show she is slightly enjoying it.  The woman coaxes her to enjoy her last fuck as a human being.  Claire smiles as she bounces around in the clutches of the woman and continues to smoke.  Sometimes letting it hang in her mouth and sometimes holding it to her shoulders.  The woman laughs as Claire looks into her eyes and takes a long drag and exhales.

Claire:  “Fuck those refugees from the Umbrella attacks.  I am ready to dedicate my life to serve Umbrella.”

With this, the woman leans her against the back of the sofa and smiles and Claire takes one last long drag and exhales, a smile creeping across her face.

Woman:  “Are you ready?”

Claire:  “Yes, I want to join you.”

With that, we see the camera cut to the woman leaking fluid out of her mouth with an infectious sound and no cigarette.  She closes her lips around Claire.  A sigh from Claire is made as the virus leaks into her body.  Her body convulses and spasms as the kiss never breaks.  Claire moans slightly as her body twitches and finally her body stops after a moment.  The woman backs away revealing that ooze is coming from Claire’s mouth.  She laughs as she knows it wont be long now.

With that done she turns to the awakening Chun Li.  Chun Li is weak and  hurt but suddenly sees Claire on the couch.

Chun:  “What did you do to her?’

Woman:  “She saw the light.  Soon you will see it to, join us and free yourself of your burden.”

Chun Li goes to hit the woman but falls right into her grasp.  She reveals to Chun Li two tiny palm devices.  She tells Chun Li they are a gift from Bison, a device that injects a hypnotic drug right into the mind, causing a strong mind wash.  She places the devices clasped in her hands against her temples.  Chun Li suddenly drops her hands and her eyes roll in the back of her head.  Her head twitches as her mouth gasps for air or to speak but no sound comes out.  The woman loves watching Chun Li squirm.  Finally she asks Chun Li, “What is he telling you?”

Chun:  “Sex is power…Sex is devotion…Sex is wonderful.”

Woman:  “Will you give in give yourself to Bison faithfully, and become his soul mate?”

Chun:  “Yes…I will become Bison’s soulmate…I will be his wife and lover.  My soul is his.”

The woman lets the machine go on for a few minutes and then lets go.  Chun Li stands there in front of the woman, staring her in the eyes, a small smile of excitement creeping over her face.  The woman pulls out two fresh unlit cigarettes and places one in Chun Li’s mouth.  
Woman:  “You’ve come so far and fought so hard, but it is time to give in.  Your journey is over and you belong to Bison.  Game Over.”

With that, she lights Chun Li’s cigarette and tells her to strip down to nothing.  She obeys, smiling as she slowly strips and smokes, letting her cigarette hang from her mouth and stripping down to nothing.  The woman walks over and brings one leg to her thigh as she did before with Claire.  This time she snaps her fingers and the song Dope- “Deboniare” plays.  The grinding starts immediately and they both smoke, blow smoky kisses, and the woman blows smoke in Chun’s face.  Chun has a lot of body movements, like doing circular motions with her shoulders, rolling her head around, arching her back, and doing facial expressions of shock and rolling eyes in the back of her head.  Chun Li holds the cigarette to her shoulders and holds it in her mouth for extended times as well.  More than half way, Claire walks up from behind her, newly infected, and grinds behind her, so it becomes a three way grind.    When the song ends, the woman tells Claire to get dressed and meet her in the other room.  Claire obeys and the woman smiles at Chun Li.

Woman:  “Right now, I want you to pretend I am Bison.  When you look at me, I will be Bison.  I want you to fuck me like you are fucking him.”

Chun :  “Bison, I want you to make me as evil and powerful as you.  Take me and my soul, make me yours.”

The camera cuts and scrolls back through an edit as Chun Li is now lap riding the woman.  Chun Li holds a new unlit cigarette in her hand and lights it.  As she smokes and exhales, she is mostly in a trance, but also shows brief moments where she is smiling and moaning with small yes’s.  But mostly she just looks ahead and smokes, and rides.  She still does the back arching and rolling of the head to toss the hair around and circular motions with the hips and shoulders.  The woman laughs and taunts her, making her pledge her devotion to evil, murder, corruption, and to helping track down the rest of the resistance against Umbrella and Bison.  Of course, Chun Li answers those questions with an evil grin and willingness to please. As Chun Li pleasantly bounces and grinds up and down, back and forth, Chun Li occasionally gets lost in the woman’s eyes, and goes back in a trance like state.  Her body moves like it is possessed to give the best sex her partner has ever had, but her face is shows her to be in a hypnotic trance, slightly smiling and smoking.  

The camera then edits to a new scene where Chun Li is on top of the woman, riding cowboy style.  Chun Li holds another new unlit cigarette.  Before she lights up, the woman remarks on how she is still in the mood to see her at her best. So she snaps her fingers again and this time the stereo plays Dope- “Sex Machine”.  Chun Li lights up and begins to move to the movement of the song, increasing her pace and intensity as the music hits its chorus every time.  This goes on during the entire song, Chun Li occasionally switching from riding with the cigarette in her mouth to holding it to her shoulders. After the song ends, Chun Li hits her climax and orgasms.

The woman rolls her over and lays her down on the sofa, her back leaning against the arm of the sofa.   The woman mounts her and smiles.

Woman:  “Doesn’t it feel good to give in?”

Chun Li smiles and whispers softly, “Yes Bison….it feels so good to give into you.”

Woman:  “Your journey ends her Chun Li, time for you to convert.”

The woman opens her mouth and the same viral infection ooze begins to come forth.  She kisses Chun Li, locking lips and allowing the ooze into Chun Li.  Chun Li moans with pleasure as her body begins to spasm and twitch, shake, and she herself begins to make gargling noises.  Her body is clearing being invaded by the virus.  She thrusts her hips up and arches her back as the oozing sound gets louder.  Soon, she goes limp and the woman pulls away.  Chun Li’s head tilts forward, ooze dripping from her mouth.  The woman admires her work and laughs.  She licks her lips and laughs, “You lose.”

The scene fades out and comes back in to a POV view where we see someone knocking on the door.  The door opens and it is the Woman.  She salutes the camera and reveals it is General Bison.  She walks him to the living room and calls in the girls to show him her work.  The fully clothed Chun Li and Claire walk into the room, all holding unlit cigarettes in their mouths, but now having totally different personas.  They wear wicked smiles and serious evil faces instead of their old selves.  But both girls are pleased to see M. Bison.  They stand next to each other as the Woman walks to Bison’s side.  

Woman: “Girls!  Inform Commander Bison of your missions.”

Claire+Chun:  “Lord Bison, we are your loyal servants assigned to terminate all threats to Umbrella and to Shadoloo.”

Woman:  “Claire, announce your current mission objectives.”

Claire:  “I am to visit the centers of survivors of the outbreaks and eliminate them.  I am then ordered to accompany Albert Wesker to his laboratory and help convert Jill Valentine.”

Woman:  “Excellent.  And you, Chun Li?  What are your orders.”

Chun:  “I am to bear M. Bison a child, and then I am to act as a spy for Shadoloo.”

The woman laughs as the girls smile at their new master. They leave the room and we hear the door close as we watch the camera span out.  THE END.

Quick Notes:

• Cigarettes are the all white, long ones only.
• Every new scene where the sex positions change so does the cigarettes.  
• Love various of angles, favorite being waist up with both actresses in frame
• More breasts and face framed shots but do not go close up on the cigarette itself.  I want to see it done but not zoom in on it.