Princess Paradise and the Vampire Hunters

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Princess Paradise and the Vampire Hunters

Princess Paradise = Jayden Cole          
Akira Belmont = Akira Lane
Vampyro = Nicole Oring / Zoe Britton / Francesca Le

In the keep of a demonic vampire, Princess Paradise and vampire slayer Akira Belmont have teamed up to slay the vampire known as Vampyro.  Said to have the powers of the devil, they are cautious as they explore the room.  The room is lit with candles and lights dimmed as if they were in a sanctuary.  Akira decides to check the lower levels as Princess Paradise goes in search of her lost sister who was taken here.

After Akira leaves, Princess Paradise soon is greeted by Vampyro.  Vampyro mocks Princess Paradise about her sister, saying she is dead.  Princess Paradise goes to fight, but is subdued by the stare of Vampyro.  Vampyro draws her under with his/her eyes.  Vampyro orders her to take an object out of the case he presents to her.  She does so, and pulls out a long white cigarette.  Vampyro tells her that this will corrupt her and turn her evil.    She stays quiet and keeps staring into Vampyro’s eyes.  Vampyro draws her in his/her arms and grabs one of her legs and places it to his/her hip.  Vampyro mocks that “tonight, you are mine”.  (During this, the camera is framed at an angle where we are looking at a side view where we can see her entire beautiful chest, breasts, and face when she lights up and takes that first long drag and exhales her first long stream of smoke.)  Vampyro snaps his/her fingers and begins to dance and grind with Princess Paradise to disembodied music (Rob Zombie – “Superbeast”).  As the dancing goes on, Vampyro undresses her as she stares into Vampyro’s eyes.  Once nude, Princess Paradise gets her smoke lit by Vampyro, never taking her eyes off of Vampyros’.  The thrusting and grinding up against Princess Paradise and Vampyro continues as Princess Paradise continues to smoke and exhale her smoke in the air, still staring at him as if in deep trance.  She moans and moves her body, rolls her shoulders, rotates her hips, and feels her body here and there, but she never really gets nasty with it and always feels like she is under his trance.  

After the song end, Vampyro brings her over to the table.  Vampyro lies her down and gets on top of her.  Vampyro brings out the sinbrator, a demonic vibrator that the lust within women and brings forth their lust and sin.  She continues to smoke as Vampyro uses it on her.  Vampyro mocks her with insults of she will become his/her’s by the nights end and how it was foolish to oppose her.  Vampyro also adds, “First your sister, now you will be my lover.”  After Princess Paradise orgasms, she smiles and lifts her back up sensually as she holds the cigarette in her mouth.  After she exhales it, Princess Paradise admits she is ready to be with Vampyro.  Princess Paradise and Vampyro cradle each other in their laps as Princess Paradise is more enjoying this form of sex.  Vampyro tells her that Princess Paradise will do anything for him/her as Princess Paradise rides in Vampyro’s lap.  Princess Paradise worships him as she moans over and over again, taking long drags and exhaling streams of smoke.  She mocks how she feels so evil, yet it feels so right.  After a while, the riding gets more intense.  Vampyro tells Princess Paradise when she comes; she will be all his/her for her life.  The riding and thrusting gets more intense and faster as Princess Paradise places the cigarette in her mouth and begs for Vampyro to take her.  She also goes faster with the cigarette hanging in her mouth.  Finally, with a clap of thunder, she comes, and releases a cloud of smoke.  She smiles as Vampyro welcomes her as his princess.
“You now are my princess.”

The scene fades and returns as Belmont enters the chambers once more.  She sees Vampyro with Princess Paradise, back in costume, and demands that Vampyro unhand her.  Vampyro reveals that Princess Paradise has joined him/her and wants only him/her.  Belmont declares vengeance on Vampyro as it is her duty to her bloodline.  She attempts to fight using her whip and does keep Vampyro away, but Princess Paradise tells Vampyro to let her entrance her.  Princess Paradise stares at Belmont and lights up.  “You’re gonna love this….”.  With a flick of her fingers begins to dance as music fills the air.  (Either Dope – “Let’s Fuck” or Dope – “Sex Machine”).  Princess Paradise drags Belmont under her spell as she dances nude, smoking and blowing it at Belmont, and gets in close to her to whisper things to drag her deeper into her spell.  Soon Belmont is mesmerized and Princess Paradise dances over to her.  Without stopping the dance or song, she undresses Belmont as she feels her up as she occasionally moves Belmont’s body to the rhythm.   Princess Paradise smokes and kisses Belmont, teasing her with the smoke and talking to her deeper into her power and darkness.  Once she is nude, Princess Paradise walks in front of her with the box in her hand.  “You were always a pure angel.  But we are going to change that tonight. You will be ours.”  She opens the box and tells Belmont to take one.  Belmont obeys and holds an unlit cigarette up to her shoulder.

Vampyro walks over and places one leg of Belmont’s on her hip and draws her close just as he did to Princess Paradise.  Vampyro wants her to pretend to smoke and commands her to mentally smoke.  (So in other words, Akira does not actually smoke, but she thinks she is in her mind.  So she does all the motions as if she is smoking it but it is not actually lit.) By having her mentally smoking, Vampyro explains, he will bypass the protective charm on her given from her ancestors and exhale the purity in her.  He commands her to “smile” and with the flick of Vampyro’s fingers, another song begins to fill the air. (Once again, Rob Zombie- “Superbeast”.)   Belmont wears a smile between pretending to smoke as she grinds, thrusts, and rotates her hips and shoulders as well as arcing her back and moaning as she gets lost in the spell.  When she exhales, white mist comes from her lips (This resembles her purity leaving as she drags in corruption). She pretends to smoke the entire song, moving to the beat of the song.  Vampyro comments that he/she has waited a long time and tilts Belmont’s chin to his/her.  “Offer yourself to me”

The scene cuts to Vampyro lying on a couch as Belmont “rides” on top of him/her.  (The camera fades in from afar and we see the Belmont riding someone on a couch.  She rides Vampyro like a drone pleasing her master.  She continues to pretend to smoke the unlit cigarette during the entire ride, even letting Vampyro mock her insolence for attempting to destroy him/her and confessing how much Belmont pissed him/her off without saying a word.  Belmont moans and rotates her shoulders and circulates her hips as moans soft words of pleasure.  She comments how she can’t believe she is enjoying this and eventually they exchange places.  Belmont lies against the arm of the sofa as Vampyro takes her from the front.  Belmont continues to take imaginary drags and exhales white mist and begins to jerk and strain her body like she is about to orgasm.  She holds the cigarette in her mouth as she arcs her back a lot as she begs Vampyro make her succumb.  As she draws closer to orgasm she begins to jerk and squirm, moaning louder and calling out to her new lover.

Vampyro soon turns Akira over and lays her on her back against the arm of the sofa.  As Akira lies there, Vampyro brings out the vibrator and places it between them.  Vampyro thrusts into Akira, the vibrator between them as Akira continues to pretend to smoke and Vampyro taunts.  After a moment or two of this, Akira begins to quiver her body.   Right before she is about to come, she breaks the spell, shouting how she cannot give in and she does not want to.  But she brings her up with his arm around her back as she hangs over his arms, back arched, and makes her look into his/her eyes once more.  Vampyro asks if she is ready, which she says yes, places the cigarette back in her mouth and then she comes with Vampyro.  Vampyro leans into her neck as he/she sires Belmont, and Belmont drops the cigarette as she moans with ecstasy as her life essence is sucked away.  This scene is about 30 seconds to a minute.  The scene fades out after Vampyro draws back and laughs.  The scene fades back in to reveal Belmont and Princess Paradise being informed by Vampyro that are fully under his/her power.  One last shot of the newly transformed heroines as Vampyro addresses a new mission for them.

THE END (Read Details below)

Important Details

• Akira’s hypnotic trance, at first, is like that in Asian Angels vs Scorpion.  She is then commanded to smile during dancing scene.  This smile is trance like, as if being charmed or weakly blissful.  She does not break trance.
• Akira‘s smoking is pretend, she just needs to do the motions and exhale.  Add a small FX effect for the exhale.  (Remember the mist in Asian Angels vs Scorpion?  Use that but turn it white.) She is not really smoking during this script, just mimicking it with an unlit cigarette.
• The reason why Jayden really smokes and Akira only pretends is up to you.  However, I have given a few examples of how to write it off to make it believable;
    Akira leads a pure lifestyle; hence smoking is strongly against her morals.  Vampyro must first get her mind to accept smoking, hence why pretending to smoke will condition her.
    Jayden smokes for the intoxication of it, but Akira pretends to smoke to deplete her body and soul of her purity.  
    Akira’s cigarette is not one that can be smoked.  It is special; it only draws the innocence out of the person and corrupts them.  Hence, it is not ever lit, but simply dragging on it is how one becomes corrupt.
• Akira’s outfit can be something new or we can use the Asian Angel costume and change the name of the hero.  That is up to you.  She does not wear a caped outfit, and not too much cleavage should be shown in the costume (will maximize the stimulation of undressing of her).
• Jayden’s hypnotic trance is normal but it is never broken into full blown enjoyment
• Jayden’s smoking is real
• For Jayden’s scenes, try to make sure she does not get off the script too much in the beginning.  I allowed her some free room during “sex” scenes so the dancing scene with Vampyro dance scene with her should be more about the hypnotism and spell factor.  As long as she can stay to the script somewhat during the sex scenes I am okay with that.  She is free to explore it in her own way as long as it works out the same in the end.
• Want Jayden to wear her Princess Paradise costume naturally
• Both models end up getting nude
• If Akira does not want to get totally nude, she can wear those stockings she wears with her Asian Angel costume.
• Who plays the villain is up to you.  However, note that if the villain is male, I want him costumed in all black and resemble Dracula.  If female, all that matters is she looks like a vampire.
• Villain never gets nude or smokes
• Cigarettes are all white and long/medium, but must be all white (none of that brown filter ones)
• If legal issues make including the music I asked for impossible, then add something around the same thing.  
• The dungeon is full of candles and it dimly but well lit.  Think of a medieval kind of lighting, one which you’d see in a room at night.  We should still be able to see everything.  
• Camera angles should not focus up close on smoking, smoking is just part of the image.
• Camera angles I like; side angles, over shoulder of villain, full body, waist up (especially when model smokes), and a lot of breast exposure with chest and face included in frame, close up on breasts, anything really.
• Remember, the smoking is not the only fetish here.  I am combining the hypnosis, superhero, and smoking fetish into a movie.  “Smoking” in the custom is used as a tool to corrupt the heroines to be evil.  These characters are pure and beautiful.  But they adapt to smoking quickly, as if they always wanted to be never did (never said in dialogue).
• All dialogue is up to how the model wants it done, except for rare “quoted” ones
• Would like to see Akira add a few make up some worship dialogue during her scene on the couch.
• No profanity if it can be helped, I much prefer the sexual talk to be more meaningful to the story if possible, and these lines are up to the models themselves.
• Improvising and other ideas are welcome in video by you or models