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Looking for a Collaberation for a custom

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone would like to help pitch in some funds to help create this custom fetish movie based on video game characters. I have the majority of the money, but need some additional help even if it is a small amount. I am willing to have ideas put into the custom if you pitch in, and depending on the amount I can do bigger ideas.  

The custom would include hypnosis, smoking, softcore g/g, small bit of fighting, and corruption with mind control/brainwashing.  It will also include a sloppy, virus infected, and gross yet intriguing zombie tyrant kiss with will infect the characters and turn them into human hybrid tyrants.  Right now the custom is about Resident Evil, starring the Claire Redfield character.  However, I am trying to get Akira Lane, and if I do, I might do a crossover type movie with Chun Li and Claire Redfield with a female Albert Wesker type tyrant.  Do not worry, this will be all female action.  The custom focuses on softcore sex, but this way we can even have some detailed acting during the scenes.

---------------------------    AND / OR    ---------------------------

I am also working on a superheroine movie custom that has Akira and Nicole secured for the role but need extra funds to make it happen.  This movie is the exact same thing as above in terms of content, except has an alien overtone where the heroines are drained of life till they are on the verge of death then are converted via an injection of "alien juice".  Alternatively, I can have the superheroines give their "juices" to the alien and have the alien kill them, then have a machine where they come out as mimics.  Think Invasion of the Pod People meets Marvel's Secret Invasion.  I am looking to incorporate another model to play the alien villain to seduce and corrupt these superheroines.  

Any amount will be appreciated.  I do not need anything in excess of $500.  Like I said I have the majority of the money so I do not need a huge amount.  If you pitch money in, make sure you tell me what you would like to see or small things that you would like incorporated. The more money pitched in, the bigger piece I am willing to give.  At most, I am willing to add an entire scene specifically for your fetish of choice.  At least, I am willing to add a small item of clothing or small tweek in the script in terms of dialogue, and everything in between.  Note that I am keeping the fundamental elements such as the smoking, hypnosis, and softcore action, but will add to it.  If you have any questions about anything, want to see the scripts, or throw some money in, message me here on this forum or email my personal email;


In case your wondering which producers I am working with, I have listed them here;

Video Game Custom:  http://www.shg-media.com/?pageid=query&ProductType=owner&PersonID=noir

Superheroine Custom: http://www.clips4sale.com/44267

I hope to hear from you and appreciate the help.  I love everyone's contributions on this site and think you guys rock.  Hopefully, I can contribute this, and bring something new that is rarely done these days.  Thanks!