How Heroes Fall

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How Heroes Fall

The Mushroom Kingdom is in turmoil, and the heroes of this once prosperous land have fallen into a well of sex, violence, and chaos.  No hope remains as recent murders have been taken place and kidnappings growing each month.  The heroes of the world have lost themselves to this chaos, becoming shallow shells of their former selves.  Princess Peach, the princess of the kingdom, cannot sit back and watch her kingdom go down like this.  Deciding she must take action, she returns to her study to review the evidence she gathered at a hideout she recently uncovered.

     Princess Peach sits down at her table, looking over her evidence and trying to decide what to do next.  As she reads the papers, she receives a phone call from her hero Mario.
Peach:  “Mario!  I was just about to read the files…….yes……..I can take care of myself……….listen I cannot turn away from this, my kingdom needs me and I am not about to watch it burn in the flames of this darkness!”

    Peach hangs the phone up, her face grim as she feels sadness dwell inside of her. She quickly shifts her attention to sifting through the papers as she scans for information.  As she does, she fails to see the creeping shadow coming in from behind.  As she turns around and begins to scream, the screen fades to black.

--- 2 Weeks later ---

    Princess Zelda, a princess from a neighboring kingdom, is now heading the task force for keeping order and help finding the princess.  She lost her kingdom to an economical depression.  She finds a letter that tells her to come to the task force office late.  She decides that this lead is too important to pass up, and goes to the meeting spot.

Zelda:  “This is the spot where the informant said he’d be.  Why make it here of all places?”

????? :  “This place is the perfect place for you to announce your position as Princess, princess.”

    Zelda spins around to see the evil, sinister Ganondorf appear behind her.  Her arch enemy, and known as the shadow lord, he is not to be taken lightly.   She became frightened but tried to hold her ground as she stared down the shadow king in front of her.  She was finally backed up against a wall as he closed in.  She still fought to give off a strong courage but she was trembling.

Zelda:  “What do you want, Ganon?  You are not welcome in this kingdom.”

Ganondorf:  “Princess, why do you hide behind such a weak and pathetic man like what Link has become?”

Zelda:   “Are you the one who has taken Princess Peach?  Are you behind all of this?”

Ganondorf:  “Hahaha, no, you misunderstand me.  I am here to offer a real man to a real princess.”

Zelda:  “Fuck off, Ganon!”

     Zelda shoots a magical energy ball but Ganondorf reflects it and shoots an energy ball himself.  The purple ball hits Zelda and she sudden is stunned and in pain.  She is defenseless as Ganondorf lifts her chin up to glare in her eyes.  As she smiles, she stares into his eyes defenseless and weak.  He kisses her as we hear a magical spell come over Zelda.  

    Princess Peach awakes to a dark room and silent chanting in the distance.  As she gets up, a dark stranger approaches her wearing a cloak and a mask.  He approaches her and points to a table across the chair she had been on.  She suddenly realizes where she is, a room where all the kidnapped people and bodies were stored.  She was in a lair of hell and no way out.  She tried to reason with the stranger, her voice shaking with fear.  The stranger carried a staff in his hand.  As she begins to beg to let her go, she suddenly is overcome with a pain in her head.  The stranger seems to be psychic, and begins to mind melt the princess.  As she struggles to overcome the pain, the stranger grows closer.  She is crippled on the ground, crying out from the pain.  So he places his hand on her head and the voices stop.  She is relieved, but she has also been put into a trance.  As she rises from her kneeling position,   she stares the dark creature in the mask’s eyes.  He circles around her, studying her as he does.
?????  :  “Very nice body princess.  The End will love you as a trophy.”

   Princess Peach stares ahead, but is able to squeak out a monotone, quiet “The…End?”

????? :   “Yes, he is coming tonight.  He requires a sacrifice of the most corrupt of this kingdom.”

Peach:  “But…I… am… not… corrupt…”

????? :   “Not yet…but we are going to change that.”

    The dark stranger stops behind her and has her look into the eyes of a TV with a dark shadow lord imposed on it.  We heard a chant as Peach’s eyes flutter, her mind clearly being erased by the presence on the screen.  After a moment or two, the tv shuts off, and she is left with a emotionless face.  The dark stranger behind her snaps his fingers.  As we watch Princess Peach turn around slowly, she is no longer simply in a trance.  She now holds a long white cigarette in her mouth, her face now wearing a look of seduction and mischievous nature.  She lets it hang for a moment as she stares at the stranger with a sexy smile across her mouth, still holding the cigarette in it.  

????? :   “Now, princess, it is time to let the darkness devour you as well. Strip and smoke for us.”

    Without a word, the dark stranger magically lights the cigarette and she begins to strip.  At first, she just takes her pants off and rides the shaft of the stranger reverse standing style.  As she grinds and dances on his lap, she strips little by little, all the time enjoying it but not becoming too emotional as she still has a little control.  She remains in her trance but wears a sexual and seductive face and moves with moves and strips like she has done it before.  She does not cover anything, and does not leave any clothes on.  She continues to wear her crown the entire time though.  When she is naked, she holds the cigarette to her side as she awaits the next order.  He sits down in the chair and motions her to sit on his magical rod that has suddenly sprouted from his lap.  She complies, and she begins to ride it.  She continues to smoke and takes deep long drags, exhaling long streams of smoke as she thrusts back and forth and up and down.  

????? :  “You are being devoured by the same darkness you swore to rid the kingdom of.  How does it feel, princess?”

Peach (exhaling smoke) :  “Wonderful…I want to be a part of this evil…”

    Next, Peach and the Stranger change to a dancer position of sex as she continues to ride the rod.  She still smokes the same, often holding it up to her shoulders or exhaling smoke by leaning her head back and blowing it in the sky.  As the stranger holds her leg up to his, she stares into his masked eyes and smiles a smile of seduction, acceptance, and love.  She has been corrupted; she has become the very thing she swore to rid her kingdom of.   They switch positions one more time as the sex continues, this time allowing her to ride on top of him on the floor.  After a while, he finally “comes” and she is ordered to put all her clothes on and sit on his lap once again from the chair.  The screen goes to black and fades back in as she comes in fully dressed again.  Now she is a bit more evil, sinister, but not slutty.  She is now in love with this End and she smokes as she praises the coming of the End.  She follows his orders to sit on his magical shaft again.  But this time, he places two hands on each side of her head.

????? :  “It’s time to give yourself to the End.  Come, Princess, this is the end of heroes.”

Peach :  “It would be my honor to give myself to the End of the mushroom kingdom.” (smiling slightly)

     As she rides and smokes, she begins to gyrate and convulse as the powers begin to cause her mind to melt.  Her noise begins to bleed and she begins to gag on blood.  But she does not stop ridding.  As she begins to become more violent in her gyrations and convulsions, she lays back and slowly stops moving.  He has drained her of the entire mind and will.  He leaves as we hear him say to an off screen ally that she is ready for their work.  

(To be Continued?)
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Re: How Heroes Fall

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Re: How Heroes Fall

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