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Fall of Angels


Akira and Nicole confront the villain who kidnapped and corrupted their friend.  After a brief struggle, the villain freezes Akira and continues to deals with Nicole.  She places her hands on both sides of the head and Nicole feels jolts of energy fill her brain.  The seductress’s power fills her mind as her body convolutes with spasms. Nicole convulses as the seductress laughs.

“Do not resist me.  You do not want to resist me do you?”


“You want to give yourself to me don’t you?”


The seductress laughs as she releases Nicole who is weakened by the spell.  She lets out a soft moan and smiles as the seductress tells her to strip for her.  Nicole obeys, taking off her entire costume until she is nude.  The seductress begins to dance erotically towards Nicole, and tells her to join her in her lustful dance.  The seductress takes her top off and pulls out an all white long cigarette for her and Nicole.  She tells Nicole to abandon her way of purity and indulge in smoking.  Nicole lights up after the seductress lights her own up and the seductress brings Nicole’s leg to her thigh as the seductress and Nicole lock eyes.  She pins Nicole against a wall and begins to dance and grind with her.  They rotate their shoulders and hips, grinding and bumping.  The seductress acts like a serpent hypnotizing her prey in this part.  Nicole goes along with it, weakened but mildly getting into it.  They do this for a while and then the villain kisses Nicole with a smoky kiss.  

“That’s right.  Forget your old self and give in to your new life.”

Akira struggles to free her from the spell and to snap Nicole out of the grasp of the villain.  But, it does not work.  As she watches her friend enjoy the ecstasy of the villain’s lust, she can only keep trying to call to her friend.

“Think it is time to really turn you to evil.”

Nicole is lead to the sofa and is laid down against the arm of the sofa.  The seductress gets in between her legs, and lights Nicole a fresh cigarette. “Feel my magic member enter you as it sucks away your innocence and drains you of your will.”  With a trust and a song effect, Nicole’s eyes go wide and we get a reaction of her as if being penetrated by an overwhelming dick.  But soon the shock on her face fades into a pleasurable monotone smile as she smokes and lets the seductress drill her with constant ramming.  During this scene, Nicole is in a full trance, monotone when she responds to the seductress’s taunts and questions like “Do you like my magic?” and “How do you like being fucked by another woman?”

After a few minutes Nicole is brought up to a cradle in the seductress’s lap.  She lights a new cigarette for Nicole.  She continues the same process as stated above.  Nicole is more attentive and engaged but is not too emotionally about it yet.  She rides the seductress as she smokes, exchanging kisses and continuing to use a lot of body expressions to express how she is getting into it.  Nicole does things like placing her hands on her hips as she grinds, arching back, long movements of her hips, increased speed a bit, and even caressing her own breasts.

Finally, the seductress sits back on the couch and brings Nicole on her lap.  Nicole’s back is against the seductress’s chest.  Nicole is held tightly to seductress’s chest as Nicole is now fully entranced and gets a little wild with the moaning and jerking from pleasure.  The seductress caresses Nicole’s body as she makes her moan and smile as she continues to smoke.  

“Are you ready?”


With that the seductress wraps both arms around Nicole’s body.  She commands her to kiss her one last time.  Nicole turns her head and locks her lips with seductresses.  Suddenly, Nicole’s body starts to jerk like she is being electrocuted.   The jerking lasts about 10 seconds as Nicole jerks wildly but never breaks from seductress’s grasp.  Finally Nicole goes limp, and pulls away from seductress’s lips.  She now wears a seductive smile and grins as she slowly picks up an unlit cigarette from off screen and holds it up to her side.  “It feels good to be bad.” Nicole says as she stares into seductress’s eyes.  


The seductress returns with the newly turned Nicole as Akira begins to get back up from being frozen in place.  

“I must admit Akira, I have wanted to fuck you for the longest time.”  The seductress says.

“Your powers won’t work on me.”

“You saw what I did to Nicole.  She is happy now.  Don’t you want to join us for the fun?”

The seductress walks over to the already weakened Akira and grabs Akira pulls her close to her.  “Look into my eyes. Look deep into them and lose yourself in my lust.”

Akira fights it, trying to shake off the seductress but cannot resist her gaze.  Soon Akira gets drawn deep into her gaze, entranced and lost in the seductress’s eyes.  The seductress lets her go as soon. Akira is fully entranced.  “Now Akira, I am going to corrupt you and make you mine.”


“You want to give your body to me.”

“I want to give my body to you.”

The villain unzips the zipper on Akira’s outfit but does not take it off.  She walks in front of her and says, “Take off your cloths and show me your body.”

Akira obeys as she slowly undresses her outfit and strips down to being nude.  She stands there hypnotized staring dead ahead at the seductress.  Seductress circles around her and plays with her tits, even slapping them lightly as she fondles them.  She bounces them around her hands and then walks back around to Akira’s front.  The seductress smiles with pleasure and pulls out a long white cigarette.  

“What a nice body you have.  A very nice body for smoking.  I have always wanted to see you smoke.  Tonight, I think we will smoke and fuck together.”

Akira smiles and whispers a “Yes” as the seductress puts one in her mouth and then Akira’s.  

She lights up both of theirs and grabs Akira’s leg and gently places it to her thigh as they proceed to erotically bump and grind.  Akira seems to be in a dream like state, slightly smiling and moving with the seductress.  She lets her cigarette hang from her mouth as she moves with her, arching her back and rolling her shoulders.  Whenever Akira holds her cigarette, she always holds it near her shoulder.  She shares smoky kisses with seductress and smiles in pleasure but never is breaking the trance.  This continues for a bit as they rotate their shoulders and hips, grinding and bumping until the seductress wants to fuck her for good.  

She sits on the sofa and commands Akira to ride her lap while she faces her.  Akira obeys and before she can begin riding, she is given another unlit, fresh cigarette.  With a light, Akira takes a deep drag, exhales, and starts to ride seductress.  Akira moves back and forth (not up and down) as she stares totally entranced, glassy eyed, and emotionless.  Akira smokes and drags a little more in this scene than the other scene.  Akira places her hands on her hips and rotates her hips circular at one point as she holds the cigarette in her mouth.  The seductress and Akira keep exchanging kisses and the seductress verbally tells Akira to worship her and acknowledge her as her lover.  Akira obeys with a sensual smile.

Seductress soon brings Akira over to the table and the seductress lies down on the table.  She tells Akira to show her how well she can fuck, and Akira moves to the table and mounts seductress cowgirl style.  As Akira smokes a new cigarette, she obediently rides back and forth cowgirl style.  She rides like a slave drone, no emotion and no real thought, focused only on starring ahead and pleasing her master.  Nicole walks around the table smoking, coaxing Akira with commands like; “Are you enjoying it?”, “You’re so sexy with that cigarette.  Aren’t you glad you started smoking?”, and “Smile a little, accept our new lives.”.

After a while, the seductress wants Nicole to join in on the action.  She directs Nicole to the table and tells her to hold Akira close to her own chest.  She has Akira sit back against Nicole’s chest and seductress takes her with her magic member.  As she “thrusts” it in, Akira gasps for air for a moment and quickly jerks in sudden pleasure, eyes going wide from shock.  But soon, as the seductress thrusts it in, Akira is beginning to get into it.  She is smiling and even moaning more.  All the women hold a new unlit cigarette but they do not light Akira’s.  As Nicole and the Seductress smoke, they continue to fondle and thrust Akira.   Akira switches holding the cigarette in her mouth to holding it to her shoulder, and vice versa.  

Soon the seductress gets close and tells Akira “You’re all mine now.”  She kisses Akira and Akira begins to roll her upper and make swallowing noises.  Akira arches her back as the kiss goes on as her body spasms like an alien being is possessing her and taking over her body and soul.  Her body arches hard and after a  few seconds or so, Akira calming pulls away, a sinister smile on her face and holding another unlit cigarette in her hand, which she brings up to her shoulder.  

“I’m all yours my lover.”

She tells Akira to fuck her long time friend and partner.  Akira smiles and she slowly gets up and walks across to Nicole.   As they begin to fondle their breasts, the seductress lights both of their unlit cigarettes.  As they smoke and kiss, they cannot stop smiling a sinister yet seductive smile at each other.  They end up getting on the floor/table and scissoring each other as they smoke.  The seductress coaxes them on and begins to get off on the former friends turned lovers.  She watches them smoke and scissor as they put on a splendid show for their new lover.  

The seductress decides to join them, and has them all light one last cigarette.  They all dance together, bumping and grinding against each other in a threesome erotic dance.  They all take turns exchanging kisses and feeling each other up.  At the end, Akira is in the middle, having Nicole rub up against her front and the seductress rubbing up against her back.  They all look towards the camera after a moment of doing this and take one last drag of their cigarettes and exhale them slowly.  

“It feels so good to give in to smoking.” Akira says as she takes another drag.  

“I think it is time you ladies met our master, and finally join our cause.  Come.”


The scene fades out and back in as a TV with the mastermind behind the entire thing talks to them through the television, using a hypnotic spiral overlay.  He tells them about the new plans to turn the super heroine world upside down, and what is going to become of the newly turned Angels.  As this is happening, Akira and Nicole are riding reverse cowgirl style watching the TV with hypnotic trances and smiles.  (The girls are either “riding” magical dildos attached to the chair, which we don’t see, facing the TV.  ).  (The camera has two different positions on the sex part here, one being from the ground up at an angle to capture both women having sex, and in front of them to also capture both women having sex.  All angles and shots here on out have to have both Akira and Nicole in the same shot frame.)

“You girls will be call girls for every villain in our organization.  You will live out any fantasy they give you, and you will pleasure them till they are done with you.”

(Both Girls in Unison) “Yes Master.”

“You will be our secret agents among the super heroines, and you will live to crush them.”

(Both Girls in Unison) “Yes Master.”

“Your bodies belong to me.”

(Both Girls in Unison) “Our bodies belong to you.”

The scene ends as the villain signs off and the girls stand up with fresh unlit cigarettes in their hands as they stare into the camera side by side.  They smile and say something evil like. As they smile into the camera, the scene fades and the movie ends.