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Corruption of the Darkness

An evil vampire by the name of Temptress has been stealing young women and turning them into her vampire servants.  Her powers are strong, and she grows ever stronger when she turns young women to vampires of the night.  Above all she loves to corrupt them and make them into wild vixens of evil.  She gets wind of a potential young woman who holds the key to unlocking her true immortality.  

Saki, a college student, is just the young girl in question.  Saki is a kind hearted, strong willed girl who is as tough as she is beautiful.  She has her two best friends with her who are both a bit more wild than her.  Saki is uncorrupted, never having done a thing wild or crazy in her life like her friends.  While her friends have boosted about boyfriends and their sex life, Saki has always been shy and dodged the subject.  Little does Saki know, one of her new friends she has made this semester is actually Temptress, and she is well aware of Saki’s destiny to defeat her.  Her plan in motion and her trap ready to be sprung, she invites Saki over to her home after classes one night.  Saki agrees to come as long as her friend Asia can come as well.  Temptress realizes that this new girl is a slayer and can be trouble, but decides to turn her as well to maximize her powers.  This is where the movie begins...

Saki enters the house with her friend.  Temptress, still acting like a normal person, asks them to her room, and escorts them to her room, which is wall to wall black.  

Saki   :   "Gee, how gothic.  Never knew you were into the goth culture."

Temptress:   "(laughs), yea, it suits my lifestyle well."

Asia:  "Ugh, it smells like smoke in here."

Temptress:  "Oh, I am sorry.  It's a bad habit, and I am trying to quit."

Saki:  "It's okay, Asia and me just think smoking is disgusting."

Temptress:  "Oh I understand, I hope you can forgive me.  I did not know."

Asia:  "It's okay, your trying to quit.  I just find smoking disgusting and it has always been a turn off for me.”

Saki:  “If you’ll give me a second, I have to call my friend real quick.  I’ll be right back.”

Saki excuses herself to attend the bathroom.  The Temptress walks over to Saki's friend, smiling in temptation.  Asia is confused about what Temptress is doing and questions random things like "So where is the rest of the party" and "Do you live here by yourself?"  The Temptress just smiles and continues to circle her.

Temptress:  "Asia, let me ask you something, just between you and me.  Do you find me attractive?"

Asia:  "Huh?  Um, I am not into that kind of thing."

Temptress:  "Really? That is too bad."

The Temptress walks in front of her and stops.  

Temptress:  "So you I hear your father is used to be a special priest for the church."

Asia:  "Um, yes he was.  He used to do perform exorcisms and the like."

Temptress:  "Ah yes, I heard he battled many evil demons in his time.  It is a pity he died during his last mission. He didn’t even put up much of a fight I suppose. "

Asia:  "Shut up!!  You don't even know my father!"

The Temptress smiles, "Oh, I don't?", and reveals her fangs.

Asia, startled, steps back in surprize.  "You!  You must be the one who killed my father!"

The Temptress laughs, "Ah, so you do know of vampires.  Your father was quite strong,  I have high hopes for his daughter, a slayer in her own right."

Asia:  "Hmph, I am not some regular slayer you can intimidate!!  I’ll stop you here and now!"

The Temptress grows ever more serious as she steps closer in on Asia.  Her fangs showing as she hisses at Asia.

Temptress:  "You are not your father Asia, you will succumb to me.  You and your friend Paris will be mine tonight!"

Asia begins to fight with Temptress, matching blow for blow.  The fighting is over in less than a minute as Asia is hit by a spell that dizzies her.  Asia tries to run out the door when Temptress hits her with a spell that makes Asia get a shock throughout her body.  Asia is dazed, and stumbling around, until Temptress grabs her and turns her around as she caresses her body.  
(This part lasts about 1 minute)

Temptress:  "Ah, looks like daddy brought you up as a good girl, saving yourself for marriage and never polluting your beautiful body.  Asia, you cannot resist me anymore.  I am going to take over your mind, and then I am going to take over your soul.  You are going to be completely mine."

Asia lets out a soft moan but her face shows that of confusion and a blank weak stare. (Kind of like what she did in Mina the Witch episode right before she got bite.)  

Temptress removes Asia’s tank top forcefully (by either tearing it off or sliding the straps down and letting the shirt fall that way) and reveals Asia’s beautiful breasts.  She is now nude from the waist up, and the camera show be about the same way it is in Mina the Witch 2 where we don’t see really anything below the belly button but everything above.  

Temptress:  "Now, accept my sire of corruption."

Temptress brushes aside Asia’s hair, and bites her on the neck.  Once again, a similar page from Mina the Witch 2 by having Asia tilt her head back and moaning that awesome moan she did in that episode (That was the best vampire bite moan I’ve ever heard, so if she can replicate it or even get as close to it as possible will be awesome.  This is important part of what I want in the movie, so getting it as close to the same thing is what I really am looking for).  Asia lets her arms out wide and then drops them as her moaning continues.  Her eyes are shut as her head tilts back and rests on the shoulders of the Temptress.  As the Temptress continues to drain Asia of all her blood, Asia flutters her arms a little and then fully relaxes to let herself rest against the Temptress’s beautiful body.  She lets it rest there for a short bit, and then stops the sire to laugh as Asia, slowly, opens her eyes and wears a blank stare, showing that she has succumb to the hypnosis fully.  Temptress laughs as she holds Asia, one hand on Asia’s shoulder, the other draped over her body.  (This part lasts about 30 seconds)

Temptress:  "Now that your mind and body are corrupted with my influence, it is time to corrupt your soul.  Do you like to dance?”

Asia gently nods her head, and Temptress walks over to her stereo and hits some buttons.  (The music is Dope’s “Sex Machine” or Rob Zombie’s “Superbeast”, or if you can’t get that then something that is around that kind.  No funky classical porn music please.)  She walks back over to Asia.  She pulls an all white cigarette out of her bra and places it Asia's mouth, Asia's eyes never moving.  As the cigarette hangs from one side of Asia's mouth, the music comes through the speakers.  She turns Asia around as the music begins to pick up.  Asia and Temptress begin to move to the beat of the music, in a very sensual way.  Asia stares ahead as her hips begin to twist and gyrate slowly, as if mimicking riding a dick.  Asia then also begins to turn her shoulders in circular motions, even resting her head on the shoulder of the Temptress.  

Asia is stripped of her pants and now wears only her panties.  Asia, still sensually dancing, keeps dancing to the melody of the music.  When everything has come off, Temptress pulls out a lighter as the height of the song plays and lights Asia's cigarette.  Asia takes deep long drags and blows streams of smoke as she continues dancing, her hips twisting and gyrating slowly as if possessed, her eyes fixed ahead, a smile creeping over her face as she moans with pleasure the more she dances.  Asia’s eyes tell a story of losing herself in the melody of the music and a blank stare of confusion and hypnosis.  The Temptress fondles her breasts and even uses Asia's own hands to rub Asia's own breasts as Asia leans her head back and archs her back, perking her beautiful breasts up and letting the cigarette hang from her mouth as she moans with pleasure.  (The entire dance is slow and sensual, and mimics Asia's slow decent into Temptress's evil power.  It is a combination of slow grinding and sensual body movements.)  (This entire part of dancing and stripping lasts about 3 minutes.)

The Temptress turns her around when the song is over, and looks into her eyes again.  Asia stares back, expressionless except for a slight smile across her face from the extraordinary pleasure she just experienced.  Asia holds her cigarette to her side as Temptress presses their bodies together.  Their breasts are now touching, and Asia's head is tilted back slightly.  

Temptress:  "I am going to enjoy basking in evil with you, Asia.”
Asia:  "Fuck….me….Let me bathe in evil."

Temptress:  "Haha, yes.  Give yourself to me fully.  Dedicate your life to my cause, and become my servant of darkness."

Asia brings the cigarette to her lips and takes a deep drag.  Before she exhales, she replies:  "I am yours, my Temptress Queen.  I am your servant of the evil corruption, and will join in your dark and sexual desires."

Asia then brings her lips to Temptress and they exchange a kiss, as Asia blows smoke into Temptress and let's Temptress exhale it.  Asia wears a smile more sinister now, as she know wears a look of pleasure and bliss.

Temptress:  "Your soul is almost mine!  It is time to finish your corruption, Asia."

Temptress flings her arms out wide and a magical red shaft appears coming from her crotch.  "Behold, my corruption shaft!!"

She laughs as Asia just stands there, smiling at Temptress with a smile of blissful wonder.

The scene cuts and scrolls in from the side as the two girls are now on the sofa in the room.  The Temptress is sitting down as Asia is riding the imaginary shaft.  Asia is facing the Temptress and Asia has a new unlit cigarette in her hands which she is holding off to the side.  As the camera snaps to behind the sofa, giving us a centered look at Asia riding Temptress and seeing Asia's perfect body.  We don't really see the shaft, but have good view of everything on up.  Asia is moving her hips back and forth most of this scene, not as much up and down but there are occasional parts during this where she might do a quick couple of up and down motions to give it variety.  Temptress is still fully clothed, and we really don't see the red shaft as camera is not focusing down there, but rather Asia riding and her body movements and reactions to riding this imaginary shaft.  I want this scene to have a lot of body movements and facial expressions for Asia.  She is feeling a mix of pleasure, sexual distress, and also really loving it.  You can see it in her face that she is going back and forth between loving the sexual experience, trying to resist it, trying to hold it in. and letting her wild side take over.  There is a lot of shoulder movement as well as hip thrusts with some arched back moments where she blows streams of smoke towards the ceiling.  She is smoking the entire time, sometimes holding it in her mouth for a couple of seconds as she continues to "ride the shaft".  After about 3 or 4 minutes of this, we see Asia open her eyes wide and arch her back far as she lets out a loud moan of ultimate pleasure (like a big orgasm but with her eyes wide open).  During this orgasm, Asia is shouting things like, “Oh god no… please… oh yes oh I am coming oh”.  As she comes down from this arched position, she is now wearing an evil sinister smile, and now has vampire eyes.  She sits on Temptress as she takes one final drag on the cigarette, and blows the stream over her shoulder.  The Temptress lets out a laugh and smiles at Asia.  The scene fades to black......  (This part lasts about 4 minutes.)

Some time later....

Saki has been caught up in a conversation with a boy she likes upstairs the entire time (we never hear his voice but see and hear Saki tell the person on the phone how much she likes him and setting a date for a get together.)  She hangs up with him an goes back downstairs to where Temptress and Asia were.  When Saki walks in, Asia is making out with the Temptress in the nude (except panties she still has those).  Saki enters the room, confused and curious.  She is not likely what is going on, and disputes it to them.

Temptress :  "Ahhh, Saki, welcome, your just in time."

Saki  :  "Umm, what are you two doing?  Asia, you have a boyfriend for cryin out loud!"

Asia  :  "Oh Saki, you never understood the pleasure of being wild and evil.  Your always so pure and innocent.  Hmph, but that ends tonight."

Saki :  "No, I am not participating in this disgusting bonding!"

Temptress shuts the door with her magic powers and walks over to Saki.

Temptress:   "My my, what an innocent woman you are.  That is good, your corruption will make me eternal.  (laugh)

Saki  :  "Huh?  What...?"

Temptress shows her fangs and Saki jumps back in fear.

Saki  :  "Your a....a....vampire!!!"

Temptress  :  "Come to me, Saki!  Join us!"

Temptress goes to grab Saki, but she is able to evade her.  Saki begins to try and run from her.  But to make matters worse, Saki's friend jumps in to make the odds favor the Temptress.  As Saki goes to clock Temptress with a fist, Asia grabs Saki from behind and holds her.  The Temptress grabs Saki and holds her close.  Temptress laughs as Saki attempts to break free.  (This part last about 15 seconds.)

Temptress:  “Saki, accept my kiss of desire.”

Temptress grabs Saki’s chin and forces her to kiss her.   Saki attempts to fight it as soon as the kiss hits, Saki looses all her fight and lets the kiss continue as she lets out a long soft moan.  The kiss lasts about 10 seconds or so, but when it is over, Saki is turned around and has her t-shirt pulled down over her shoulders, and binding her hands close to her sides.  Saki wears allows temptress to caress her breasts and kiss her neck as Saki occasionally tilts her neck back and forth, moaning and keeping her eyes closed.  When done, Temptress turns her around again.  (This part lasts about 1 minute.)

Temptress:   "Look into my eyes, Saki.  Give in to my corruption!"

Saki slowly relaxes, her eyes trained on the Temptress, her mouth still a jar.  She soon is fully under the Temptress's spell.  The Temptress smiles a wicked grin as Saki stares at her, totally obedient and under the spell.  

Temptress:   "Asia, it looks like we have one other person who needs to be taken care of, that other friend of yours.  Leave us and take care of that loose end."

Asia:  "Yes master."

Asia leaves Saki and Temptress alone.  The focus returns to the two as Temptress lets go of Saki.

Temptress:   "Now Saki, look deep into my eyes, you are going to surrender yourself to me.  Your body and soul will be mine."

Saki:   "I will give myself to you." (monotone like)

Temptress:   "You will accept my corruption, and become mine."

Paris:   "Yesss, I will become as evil as you." (monotone like)

Temptress laughs as she pulls out a all white unlit cigarette from her breast.  

Temptress:   "I hear you've never smoked in your life.  You are a real straight edge girl, never wanting anything to corrupt her pure body.  Now, accept MY corruption..."

Temptress places it in Saki's mouth, Saki still fixated on Temptress's eyes, and still under the spell, holds the cigarette in her mouth, never shifting her eyes from Temptress.  Temptress then begins to strip Saki down to her panties.  Again, Saki, never moving her eyes from their fixed position and moving only when Temptress moves her.  Temptress then takes off the t shirt completely along with her panties, leaving Saki in the complete nude.  Temptress then begins to play with Saki, rubbing her from her breast to her crouch.  Saki now begins to moan and show a sense of sensation of pleasure.  

Temptress:   "That's right, come to the darkness, give into my evil."

Temptress faces Saki, the unlit cigarette still in Saki's mouth.

Temptress:  "Are you ready to be mine?"

Saki replies "Yes" as the cigarette holds fast in her mouth.

Temptress:  "Then join me in corrupting you..."

Temptress lights the cigarette in Saki's mouth, and now Saki is moving on her own, but still under Temptress's control.  She holds the cigarette to her shoulder as the Temptress continues to kiss her breasts and worship Saki's body.  Saki kisses Temptress, exchanging smoke and having Temptress blow it out afterwards.  They kiss back and forth, exchanging worshipping each other.  Saki slowly grows more sinister, as she smiles more and urges Temptress to turn her.  (This part last 30 seconds.)

The Temptress laughs and turns her around, clears one side of her neck, and goes to sink her teeth into Saki's neck.  

However, Temptress is interrupted by Asia, who has come back from dealing with their friend.  Saki is like a ragdoll in Temptress's arms, just staring and moaning from what she just experienced.

Temptress:  "Asia, done so soon?"

Asia:  "She has vanished for now, somebody got to her before we did, and she is at the moment safe."

Temptress:  "No matter, we have Saki, and with her power we won't need to worry about anything ever again."

Asia:  "Temptress, may I help you turn miss goody two shoes into one of us?"

The Temptress looks at Saki who is basically a rag doll in her arms, and smiles.

Temptress:  "Let us take her innocence and make her turn to us."

The Temptress turns Saki around as Asia lights another cigarette, and walks over towards Saki.  She kisses Saki and transfers the smoke to her, Saki letting it out when the kiss is over, her eyes now fixated on Asia.  Asia plays with Saki's breasts and then turns her back around.  (This part lasts about 10 seconds.)

Asia clears one side of Saki's neck of her hair, and sinks her teeth on there.  Temptress bites the other side of Saki’s neck as well.  Saki moans as she has the blood sucked out of her.  When Asia and Temptress let up, Saki stands there clearly dizzy and weak, as Asia laughs as the power rushes over her. (This biting part lasts 15 seconds.)

Asia:  "Ahhh, yes, innocent blood tastes better."

Temptress:  "Now, my Saki, I have your body, I have your mind, but now I will you have your soul.  Asia, would you like to join us?"

Asia:  "It would be my pleasure, Temptress."

The Temptress grows a magical red shaft near her waist and sticks it into Saki. Saki throws her head back and arches her back as she feels ultimate corruption enter her body.  Her face contorts in pleasure as her leg is guided to the Temptress's side by Temptress's hand.  Temptress holds it there for most of the rest of this scene as well.  Asia, also grows one and thrusts it into Saki from behind.  Saki wears a gaze on her face which shows a disbelief of pleasure and confusion.  Some imaginary thrusting happens, each causing Saki to moan and succumb to the Temptress.  Asia rolls her head and tilts it back, eyes opening and closing as well as opening with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Temptress and Asia rub Saki's breasts and leans around to kiss Saki either in the neck or mouth. At some point, Temptress and Asia switch spots by turning Saki around, and now Saki is facing Asia as the thrusting continues and the Temptress is behind.  Asia now holds Saki leg to her own hip and more thrusting happens.  Saki face contorts while this all goes on, Saki moans in different pitches and tones, some grunts, some soft moans, some dragged out moans. She even says at one point toward the end, "'m body.....ahhhh....I can feel.....ummm....the...ahhh....corruption!!"  During this, Saki still smokes her cigarette and holds it close to her shoulder.  As she blows streams of smoke into the air, she sometimes even moans a "yes".  Asia and Temptress take turns kissing Saki on the mouth and as they thrust they continue to verbally tempt her to join them, fully giving into them and evil.  (This part lasts about 4 minutes.)

After some time, Asia and Temptress move in really close to Saki, almost sandwiching her.  Saki has her eyes wide open, her mouth open wide and letting out a girlish squeak of pleasure.  Saki still finishes her cigarette as she now holds it to her side, her arms dangling straight down, back arched, and urging Temptress to take her soul.  At the end, Saki thrusts her head in the air and moans a loud moan of ecstasy.  When Saki's head comes back down to face the Temptress, Saki wears the face of a evil sinister vampire.  While she lacks the eye effect and the fangs, her face grins with a sinister wide smile and her eyes lustfully focused on Temptress.  As the thrusting goes on, Saki, slowly begins to laugh an evil laugh.  

The Temptress and Asia stop and let go of Saki, who know stands before them.  The cigarette gone, she know is fully transformed, and corrupted.

Temptress:   "Ahhh, you are finally mine.  Hahahahahahaha."

The scene fades to black as we Saki fully transformed with Asia, pulling out two fresh unlit cigarettes from the Temptress's bra and cradling each other as the Temptress laughs in between them....